6 Packs to Go!

Ba'Runi sells 6 packs to go for your convenience. Take your favorite beers home to enjoy from your couch. You won't get to enjoy our friendly bartenders and patrons, but you can take advantage of our great selection.  

Ask our bartenders for service or simply visit our beer cooler to view our selection that includes more than 250 different domestic and imported beers.  

Create your Own 6 Pack!  Mix & match as many different beers & create your own 6 pack.  


Craftmaster Challenge

Do you like beer?  Do you really like beer? Then the Craftmaster challenge is perfect for you. We regularly stock over 300 bottles of domestic and import beers and after you drink 75 different beers, we'll give you a Craftmaster T-Shirt. Drink 150 beers, and you'll get a plaque on our wall of legends with your name. It's a fun way to enjoy some great beers. We'll give you a complete list of our selection and as you finish each beer, we'll mark those off your sheet.
Just ask your server for more details.